That’s All Folks… For Now At Least

Hi everyone, long time, no blog. Perhaps some of you noticed that several months ago I stopped posting pages weekly. Perhaps you also noticed that about a month after that I posted the rest of the comic to the website all at once. I did this without saying anything on social media, mostly because the explanation was going to take more than 140 characters. Then life got in the way (or maybe I just got lazy) and I put it off. I’m sorry. Here, at long last, is the explanation.

Originally I wanted this project to continue it in the months and years following my graduation, posting weekly pages as an ongoing webcomic. Unfortunately, I came up against several roadblocks: issues with the plot, lack of experience, lack of motivation and time, shifting real world political landscapes that I had wanted to comment on, and a shift in the direction of my career. Most significant however was the realization that the grand story I had planned was not in line with what made the project interesting and unique. In my grand plans for the future, I had forgotten that this project was about looking back. My experience at VanCAF really made this clear to me. The strongest reactions I received from readers were to how I had used and built on my childhood comic. Somewhere along the way, I had apparently forgotten that carrying this work forward was what the project was about. I now believe that Crocman would be best served by continuing with this idea.

I will continue Crocman, but not immediately. This project was a way to explore how I had grown as an artist and as a person, and I need to grow again before I can return to it.  In the meantime, I will leave the comic here, free for anyone to read, and continue to sell my printed copies at conventions for those interested in supporting me. I will also post any updates regarding the comic and convention appearances to the blog section of the website and to the Facebook page. For word on future projects, you can follow me on twitter @quinn_mccallum, on tumblr where I go by quintus-maximus, or instigram @quintus_maximus_art.

Many thanks to all my friends, family, peers, and teachers at Emily Carr University for helping and supporting me with this project. But thanks most of all to you, dear reader, be you one of the aforementioned or an internet stranger. Thank you for taking your time to read Crocman and this post. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it. I hope our paths cross again on this digital web.


Quinn McCallum