John Herman AKA Crocman


Age: 44
Occupation: Superhero
Powers/Abilities: Flight, Strength, Invulnerability, Radiation beams from eyes, Freeze breath, Projectile claws from hands.
One day, while doing a fluff piece for the local news on alligator farming, reporter John Herman was bitten by a radioactive crocodile. The radiation caused DNA in the crocodile’s saliva to merge with his own, altering his appearance and giving him incredible powers. Thus he became Crocman, the World’s Mightiest Superhero!
That was nearly 20 years ago. Now in his mid-forties, John has forgotten why he fights and struggles to keep his life from falling apart.


Kate Patel

 Katherine Patel AKA Kate


Age: 43
Occupation: Reporter (Currently Unemployed)
Driven by a passion for truth and an interest for writing, Kate was certain at a fairly young age that she would eventually become a journalist. She met John Herman while they were both in college,  before the incident that gave him his powers, and they began dating. A few years after John became Crocman, she was offered a job as a correspondent overseas for a major news network, and decided to take it rather than stay in an already strained relationship.
Recently she was fired and has returned to America.